€ 24.95 | NL

A psychotechnological businesnovel about business innovation of the authors Ives De Saeger and Filip Hamerlinck.

Seek solutions from a different sector. That is where Grenzeling stands for. Thanks to cross-sector innovation, you don'thav to keer on re-inventing as a company. So the pattern that dentists use at the milling, may also be useful in the steel industry? You are not the first in the world that has a specific problem to solve. Your competitors also implement all the methods such as Lean and 6 sigma and to speak with the same suppliers of machinery and raw materials.

Grenzeling. Dare to think outside the sector, shows in an accessible fictional form how you continue to improve you can find that differs from the known solutions. By yourself, on the basis of some systematic techniques in the book to be discussed, to go in search of improvements, you'll jump further than ever.

Grenzeling is conceived as a novel and tells the story of a young process engineer, Regine. She comes to a number of barriers during her quest for business improvement. Regine experiences the renewing power of the functional model, a next-generation study, Idea Sensitive Area, new insights into the quality thinking,.... she  makes the company grow to a greater maturity by being aware of the concepts of foreground, bequests and parentification.

This book allows the reader to think about technological improvements without ignoring the psychological insights that are needed to implement these improvements.