The importance of working groups

Working groupes inspired by VOM governance

A working group is a platform where members, experts and enthusiasts in surface treatment share knowledge and exchange ideas. A working group actively contributes to the future of our industry.

VOM strongly believes in the value of individual contributions and collective intelligence. By working together in a working group, members can study innovative topics and address the challenges of our industry to promote sustainable growth. Neutrality and transparency within the group are important. The public interest is pursued.

We invite you to explore the different working groups.

  • Working group ALU
  • Working group PROMOSURF
  • Working group ZINC


Meetings are organised with participants to discuss an interim state of affairs, present new topics and strengthen each other's network.

Seminars aim to introduce participants to current topics in the industry. We invite leading experts and professionals to share their expertise, present case studies and discuss challenges and opportunities.

Webinars enable a wider and international audience to participate. They also make the event more flexible in terms of scheduling, allowing participants to attend the event from a location most convenient to them.

Round tables encourage the exchange of ideas, collaboration and the formulation of recommendations for the industry. There is plenty of room for discussion.

Publication of guidelines, white papers, articles on relevant topics supported by a group of members can be the result of a working group.

Interested in taking part?

Any VOM member wishing to actively engage on a specific theme is welcome. VOM is always open to establishing new working groups. These can be either permanent or temporary and can cover various topics: from materials, technology, to environment-related topics. The main objective is to promote quality and sustainability in a specific field.

If you would like to get actively involved in an existing working group or have ideas to start a new one, contact us: