Textbook Galvanotechniek

€ 10.00 | NL

Textbook Galvanotechniek is reissued in 2013 by NGO – SBG, Dutch Association of enterprises in the electroplating technical industry. The previous (and first) edition of this manual appeared in 1991 and has over twenty years of loyal service. This manual is intended for designers, engineers, quality experts, subcontractors and technical education. But also for everyone else who is interested in electroplating, will find a lot of useful knowledge about the field in this book

A brief overview of the content: 
1. What is electroplating?
2. Execution forms of electroplating
3. why galvanize?
4. Galvanotechnisch responsible design
5. application of galvanic coatings
6. Outsourcing of galvanic work
7. standards
8. Galvanotechnische defenitions