Tribology International Conference 2022

Tribology international conference 2022 will run this year jontly to the 6th edition of the Surfaces, Interfaces and Coatings Technologies International Conference SICT 2022 and the 2nd edition of Plasma Tech 2022 in Barcelona- Spain from 27 to 29 April 2022.

These joint conferences provides an international exchange forum for the industry and the academia. Leading university researchers present their latest findings, and representatives of the industry inspire scientists to develop new solutions.


Barcelona, Spain

Tribology International conference 2022 main topics include:

  • Surface engineering in tribology 
  • Tribo-chemistry
  • Tribo-surfaces,
  • Coatings, surfaces and underlying mechanisms
  • Wear and friction, Contact mechanics 
  • Bio-tribology/ biomimetics
  • Nano-tribology
  • Modelling and Simulation in tribology 
  • lubricants and additives
  • Sustainable lubrication
  • Test methodologies and measurement technologies
  • Tribology in manufacturing processes and industrial systems 
  • Digitisation in tribology

Focused sessions

  • Physics or chemistry of tribo-surfaces
  • bio-tribology
  • Tribology in surface engineering and materials
  • nano-tribology
  • lubricants and hydrodynamic lubrication

Locatie: Barcelona, Spain

Taal: EN

Organisator: SETCOR