Webinar: Innovative skins for increased durability of lightweight materials

VOM in collaboration with CIDETEC is organizing a webinar dedicated to innovative surface treatments for lightweight materials. The aim of this seminar is to discuss advances in sustainable coatings and treatments for lightweight materials, with advanced or multifunctional properties and how they can add value to your products by providing new feautures and how to implement them in your company.

CIDETEC Surface Engineering (Spain) is a technological centre, part of a great technological complex specialized in surface processing and finishing through wet chemical and electrochemical methods providing surface solutions throughout the entire value chain, from the characterisation of bulk and surface properties to the design of tailor-made materials and treatments to obtain specific properties and the design and industrial scale-up of different coating and surface modification techniques for the automotive, aerospace and extreme environments sectors among others. To do this, the Surface Engineering centre has a building with 4,000 m2 dedicated to laboratories and pilot plants.

Webinar via zoom

9:00 - 12:30

9:00  Welcome

9:05  General introduction - Presentation of VOM

9:15  Omniphobic surfaces for low adhesion and self-cleaning properties 

         Dr. Jesus Palenzuela - CIDETEC Surface Engineering

9:45  Ceramic-like (sol-gel) coatings for durable aesthetics and cleanliness 

         Mireille Poelman - Materia Nova 

10:15 Anaphoretic e-coatings as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional spray primers 

         Dr. Jorge Rodriguez - CIDETEC Surface Engineering

10:45 A status on the possibilities of biobased coatings

          Joey Bosmans - SIRRIS

11:15 Presentation of funding opportunities to allow collaboration between Belgium & Spain

11:45 Discsussion, questions and conclusion

12:15 Closing of the session  

Locatie: Webinar via zoom

Taal: EN

Organisator: asbl VOM vzw, in collaboration with CIDETEC

E-mail: promosurf@vom.be

Telefoon: +32 (0)16 40 14 20

Website: www.vom.be

Prijs leden: €75

Prijs niet-leden: €100

Annuleren: Annulering enkel schriftelijk voor 29 september 2020. U mag steeds een plaatsvervanger aanstellen.

Deze sessie verloopt als een live webinar via de tool ZOOM. Je kan in real time vragen stellen aan de sprekers via de chatfunctie. Uw deelname is pas definitief als u online ingeschreven bent. Een dag vooraf krijgt u via mail alle instructies om deel te nemen aan het webinar.