Automotive Circle Conference: Car Body Painting 2019

The automotive industry is increasingly aligning its production with the principles of sustainability. Manufacturers and suppliers are pursuing economic, ecological and social goals across all stages of the value chain: from the selection of materials to production in the individual plants. The results in resource conservation are impressive: drinking water consumption fell by more than 60 percent. Today, more than 80 percent of production waste is recycled. Since 1990, solvent emissions from vehicle series painting have fallen by 65 percent. They now reach the lowest level by international standards.

But what other measures are needed to be well equipped for the challenges ahead? What concepts are OEMs and suppliers using in automotive painting to face the expected changes?
These and other questions will be discussed by experts from renowned OEMs and suppliers during Car Body Painting 2019 in Bad Nauheim, Germany. With your contribution, take an active part in the discussion about the current status and future challenges in automotive painting.

We are looking forward to meet you.


DOLCE Bad Nauheim Elvis-Presley-Platz 1 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany

08:30 - 15:45


  • Current projects - lessons learned
  • Simulation Tools for the Paint Shop: Progress and Developments
  • Dryer processes for current vehicle structures
  • New materials with wider process windows
  • Modular plants
  • Flexibility for volume adjustments in the painting lines
  • Modification of existing plants
  • Optimized color approaches
  • Automation in the paint shop
  • Digitisation in practice
  • Alternatives to varnish: possibilities of foiling
  • Approaches to individual painting
  • International legislation and regulations

Locatie: DOLCE Bad Nauheim Elvis-Presley-Platz 1 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Taal: EN

Organisator: Automotive Circle Conference


Telefoon: +49 511 9910 384