Symposium Antwerp: Carbon Neutrality and Energy Cost Reduction in Heat Treatment

Sustainability, CO2 reduction, Energy cost reduction are very hot themes, now and in the future. ` The situation is complex and the impact on a global scale is important with extensive variation between the continents. Europe will play an important role with the “Green deal” and even in Europe there exist differences between countries and regions. The themes are extremely important for the Heat Treaters, both independent and captive. Compared to other sectors, the heat treatment sector has a relative high cost of energy, labour and tooling. In many cases the processes are fixed or semi-fixed, so that the possibilities of action are restricted, and it makes the heat treatment sector extremely dependant of the evolution in the other sectors and the Customer base.

Therefore, the Association de Traitement Thermique et de Traitement de Surface (A3TS) and Vereniging voor Warmtebehandelingstechniek (VWT) took the decision to organize a full day on it. During that day, a coverage will be given on the different aspects with 7 presentations coming out of industry and research. They will highlight their approach and sharing some examples of solution. It is also a unique opportunity to share experiences between the participants.

Flanders Meeting & Convention - Koningin Astridplein 20-26 B-2018 Antwerp, Belgium

8:30 - 16:30

8:30 Reception of participants

9:00 Introduction Bernard VANDEWIELE (VWT) & Véronique VITRY (A3TS)

9:15 ArcelorMittal Belgium: pathways towards carbon neutrality Philippe ALBOORT, Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships (ARCELORMITTAL GENT)

9:55 DAF Trucks, on the road to even cleaner road transport Jeroen VAN DEN OETELAAR, Manager Manufacturing Engineering & Innovation (DAF TRUCKS)

10:35 Decarbonization plan for conventional heat-treatment facilities: management of energy and cost reduction Valérie WOIMBEE, Scientific expert Processing technologies Heat-treatment (FORVIA)

11:15 Break

11:30 Heat Treatment and Sustainability at SKF Erik VEGTER, Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships (SKF B.V.)

12:10 Sustainability, we rather call it sustainable entrepreneurship Anne-Lize van Dusseldorp, Director sustainable Entrepreneurship (AALBERTS N.V.)

12:50 Lunch

14:20 Heat treatment from the point of view of sustainability Dr. Klaus Buchner, Head of Research and Development (AICHELIN HOLDING GmbH)

15:00 Future technology for energy- efficient heat treatment of green steel products Dr.-Ing. Matthias Steinbacher*, M. Sc. Tim Oelker, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Rainer Fechte-Heinen, *Head of Department Heat Treatment (IWT)

15:40 BMT-Group , Challenges for the mechanical industry Eric Willekens, Business Development and Strategic Projects BMT International (VSCT/BMT International)

16:20 End of the Conference

Location: Flanders Meeting & Convention - Koningin Astridplein 20-26 B-2018 Antwerp, Belgium

Language: EN

Organizer: Association de Traitement Thermique et de Traitement de Surface (A3TS), Vereniging voor Warmtebehandelingstechniek (VWT)


Phone: +33 145 26 22 35


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