Over Promosurf

Promosurf is the French departement within VOM and is aimed at companies, specialized in surface treatment, located in Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital region. Members of PROMOSURF are committed to share their technical knowledge with the companies and to be a driving force in the regional dynamics.


Promoting surface treatment to companies, public institutions, education and research centres as well as representing the companies operating in surface treatment at the mentioned groups.


  • PROMOSURF is a privileged interlocutor of the Walloon and Brussels companies specialized in coating techniques regarded to other industry branches, public institutions, educational institutions and research centres.
  • PROMOSURF ensures better visibility and recognition of surface treatment.
  • PROMOSURF promotes surface treatment via campaigns and informational sessions organized by "the Office" and accessible to all interested parties
  • PROMOSURF represents the Walloon and Brussels industry.


The operation of PROMOSURF is based on the input of volunteers collected in "the Office", the working groups and the various committees.


For upcoming events we refer to the Calendar where you will find the initiatives organised by PROMOSURF.


PROMOSURF is the French part of VOM and has therefore no private members. If you want to enjoy the discounts, be regularly informed about our activities or support the working groups or committees, you need to become a member of VOM.  

Promosurf - Bureau

To achieve its objective, PROMOSURF is led by an office composed of representatives of the industry. It is a task of the Agency to promote surface treatment and information sessions.

The Office is composed of the following members:

  • Bruno Bertrand (Chemetall) 
  • Christian Cerfont (FN Herstal)
  • Hilda De Boeck (Centre de compétence FOREM Formation PIGMENTS)
  • François-Xavier Holvoet (Chimiderouil)
  • Sébastien Le Craz (CRM)
  • Laura Pereira (Sonaca)   
  • Mireille Poelman (Materia Nova) 
  • Tanguy Van Regemorter (Manetco)

The coordination is provided by Marie-Dominique Van den Abbeele (promosurf@vom.be – tel. +32 (0)16 40 14 20). 

Promosurf working groups

The technical working groups collect people who focus on a specific technique. These working groups are temporary. The reflections and discussions will lead to an activity where the collected information is distributed to all stakeholders, either through a seminar or through a publication or website. Anyone who can make a contribution to the widely discussed themes can participate. 

Extensive information can be found on the French language version of this website.